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What Is A Good Daily Menu For A Diabetic

) There’s a misconception that diabetic people do not have many food options. ) If you’ve been wondering what is a good daily menu for a diabetic, you must know that just like anybody else, protein and fibers are essential daily nutrients for you. ) Carbs and sugar are the enemies that you have to […]

“Moderna HIV Vaccines” Does Good During Trials !!

) Moderna HIV vaccines clinical trials have proven to be a success ) The pharmaceutical company announced the first dose of HIV vaccines as part of a clinical trial called IAVI G002 ) The mRNA vaccine delivers HIV-specific antigens to the body that will induce an immune response. ) The vaccine was developed by Schief […]

Red Chilies Can Guard Against Diabetes And Heart Attacks

) Diabetes and heart disease are causing death worldwide. Diabetes itself boost the risk of medical emergencies such as stroke. ) According to research the small food which may guard against diabetes and heart disease is chilli. ) The researchers identified two active ingredients to the chilli potency. The two ingredients that have various beneficial […]

7 Steps To Be Happy With Life

happy with life

To be happy with life is the KEY to life itself: This article is going to point out 7 steps to be happy from a overall perspective. These 7 tips can be really helpful to increase our energy and to live a happier, healthier and productive life. 1) Eat nourishing food: Consume a balance of […]

The Cleveland Clinic Announces Trials For Brest Cancer Vaccines

) Trial announced for ‘first-of-its-kind’ vaccine to prevent triple-negative breast cancer. ) Researchers will first test the shot for triple-negative breast cancer survivors at high risk for recurrence. ) The human trial can begin at the early-stage of triple-negative breast cancer survivors who are at high risk for recurrence. ) The triple-negative breast cancer survivors […]

Indian Nutritionists Claim That Eating Correct Can Beat Depression

) Nutritionists says eating the right food can help to overcome depression effectively during difficult times. ) Dr N. Malleshwari, Chief Dietician of Global Hospital stated that eating poor foods might lead to deficiency of nutrients which results in depression.  ) Some amino acids like tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine, and phenylalanine are helpful to treat depression. […]