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Vivo V23e 5G Gets Ready For Launch

) Vivo V23e 5G is about to launch next week, it has already been spotted on Geekbench, and few other sites before its big launch. ) Vivo boasts that this particular 5G smartphone will get a 44-megapixel primary shooter, unlike its 4G version which gets a 50-megapixel sensor. ) The Vivo smartphone is likely to […]

New Deadly Spyware Found In 1000+ Android Phones

) More than 1,000 Android phones found affected by creepy new spyware. ) PhoneSpy records audio, video and sneak contacts, images, messages etc. ) It includes transmitting GPS location data, modifying Wi-Fi connections, and performing overlay attacks for regaining passwords to Facebook, Instagram, Google, and the Kakao Talk messaging application. ) The mobile application causes […]

Far Cry 6 : Essential Tips & Tricks For Newbies

) Changing your firing rate can help you stay in control in a full-on gun fight ) Work towards unlocking resolver & supremo weapons class ) Your Amigos (pets) are your greatest allies with some good abilities, always make use of them, (my personal favourite is the crocodile)   ) Look up in the sky […]